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From Wageningen, Esther Jongsma met Breda-born Sam van Gurp while studying in Eindhoven. After graduation, Jongsma and van Gurp started their own respective studios but a few years later fused their shared interests together, co-founding a workshop in 2014 in Eindhoven’s industrial district-turned-creative breeding ground, Sectie C. Working under the moniker Vantot, the duo conceives projects inspired by industrial processes and technical developments, while making sure to ground the creations with a dose of humanised innovation. Electricity is a prevalent fixture in Jongsma and van Gurp’s designs, and aligns with the pair’s belief that the role of a designer is to connect past and present craftsmanship as well as different industries.

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VANTOT focuses on the experiment in the design proces, the workshop is one of the key elements of the studio. This is the place where an idea takes shape, where a basic sketch or idea can be converted into samples or working prototypes. In our opinion a good idea not only arises just in your head or behind the computer; the workshop gives you the chance to dive fully into a subject; how does it look? how does it work? how do you make it yourself? So we can add an extra layer to the idea. Later, these may be optionally carried out in serial production elsewhere. This is in our opinion the ideal way to achieve and deliver a product.

Our workshop is located at Sectie C, Eindhoven. The old industrial site offers a creative breeding ground where a workplace can grow, creatives can work together and the lines within different disciplines can be kept short. Sectie C provides different experts in woord, ceramics, metal, graphics to collaborate with. The studio works on commission, but is also working on their own collections to sharpen their design philosophy thought new discoveries.

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Studio VANTOT is a multidisciplinary company that explores the application of new technologies in Urban Design, Product Design and applied contemporary art. Based in Eindhoven (Sectie-C) we work on a variety of national and international projects.

The team consists of ambitious and hard-working designers, with attention for detail and quality, and a hands-on mentality. We are looking for an intern with similar qualities. You also have a background in – or affinity with art and design, you are a hard worker and you work well in a team and on your own.


Interns at Studio VANTOT work full time for a minimum duration of 3 months.


Please send your motivation letter, resume and portfolio in PDF format to: info@vantot.com

Intern – Design team

We are looking for an intern who will be part of the design team of Studio VANTOT. You will assist the senior designers in realising & designing the designs of Studio VANTOT. It is a plus that the intern can design in 2D / 3D computer programs (like Illustrator and Rhino) and is skilled with hand tools & machines. The work involves 3d modelling, prototyping, building 1:1 mock ups, making proposals for clients etc.


Intern – PR/Sales team

We are looking for an intern who will be part of the sales team of Studio VANTOT. You will assist the senior designers in positioning the designs and generating sales of Studio VANTOT. It is a plus that the intern can design in 2D programs (like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and is skilled with styling and photography. The work involves phoning, emailing, writing, create content for social media, organising exhibitions and photoshoots, covering the creative processes and developing PR strategies.

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