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Floating lights

Floating Lights is the result of detailed research to find a versatile limitless extendable light sculpture. It is a highly flexible product which enables designers to build and create with light.

Floating Lights

The design functions as an interior tool made for any possible space. It can be used as a single lighting element in a small room, such as a bedroom light up to a full scale display in a large hall. The options are endless.

The refined design is reduced to their essentials with the limited use of materials, resulting in a very light weight sculpture, with each element weighing only 40g. A powerful combination of aesthetics and materialisation makes innovative techniques more visible, while being unnoticed. Floating Lights can be used to fill, divide or highlight any space with a delicate balance of LED lights appearing to move gently on air.

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Paleis het Loo (Palace ‘het Loo’)

A design for a light object in the Eastern and Western Entrance Pavilion at a Palace. When do you come across a tower with no floors? Where you can look up from 18 meters at a series of dizzying windows with a lot of detail. A vertical movement to the top of the tower, where the dynamics of the routing let you experience this. We’ve imagined a revelation of the light object while you enter the tower.

Outside it immediately starts to attract your attention and you see something twinkling, changing shape. This dynamic triggers to go inside. Once there you see something overwhelming. It challenges you to keep looking because of the high level of detail, because of the transformation it makes when you go down the stairs. We have opted for a technique in which you do not waste any material, a light object that gives light and is light. It sparkles. has the detail of a jewel, but the object itself is grand. 

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